Save Money, Ensure Safety, and Reduce Downtime of Your Assets with AssetFix

Optimize your facilities and asset management with Assetfix; a leading Asset and Maintenance Management platform. Elevate your operational efficiency by seamlessly managing assets, scheduling maintenance, and effortlessly tracking and scheduling work orders. Key features include:

Asset Management

Powerful insights to help you manage the full asset lifecycle. Automate Asset management tasks. Manage asset downtime, depreciation, and costs.

Facility Management

Achieve your best response times to maintenance requests. Have a clear view of the maintenance status of your facility.

Preventive Maintenance

An intuitive preventive maintenance tool helps maintenance professionals prevent asset breakdowns before they happen. Prepare and Prevent Don’t Repair and Repent!

Inventory Management

Managing part quantities and costs shouldn’t be impossible. Assetfix provides you with powerful insights to better control costs and ensure you have sufficient supply in stock.

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