Prepare and Prevent Don’t Repair and Repent

AssetFix intuitive preventive maintenance tool helps maintenance professionals prevent asset breakdowns before they happen.

Save Money, Ensure Safety, Reduce Downtime

Sign up for AssetFix Today to reduce operating costs, extend asset life, comply with regulatory and safety requirements, Reduce asset downtime and increase productivity

Prevent equipment breakdowns and lost production  with preventive maintenance Calendar

Schedule Maintenance activities based on the preventive maintenance completion dates or a strict time intervals.

Ensure consistency by adding checklists to Preventive Maintenance

Standardize your equipment inspections and prevent major safety issues that may arise from an equipment failure by creating  standard maintenance activities and checklists

Reduce maintenance costs and maximize uptime

Create PMs based on machine cycles, vehicle mileage, or any other unit of measure — ensuring a flexible maintenance program that can be set by various triggers.

Make smarter decisions with Reports

View completed preventive tasks based on assigned technician, team, asset, or location. Pull insights including maintenance compliance, work order aging, and time and cost reports